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October 19, 2010 / Crystal Rose

Of Temporary Hiatuses & Fall Lists

I’m not dead, I swear!

…I mean, zombies are people too, right?


In all seriousness I’m really sorry about the sudden disappearance. My camera is in the hospital right now after trying to cut its own power cords. I’m doing my best to get it the help it needs.


Also, I’ve moved. No, not my blog but my bodily presence, family, and home. Thus the hiatus. It’s kind of hard to craft when you’re living in the labyrinth of boxes. I’m hoping to be back in business this November so look for some better tutorials then.


For now I’m gonna work on unpacking these boxes and completing more of my


Fall To Do List


Visit a pumpkin farm

Visit a corn maze

Take a fall walk and collect leaves and acorns

Make leaf people (paste leaves then draw)

Make apple butter

Make apple sauce

Volunteer with meals on wheels

Visit a pick your own apple place

Decorate our pumpkins

Roast pumpkin seeds

Make caramel apples

Make a gourd birdhouse

Make hot apple cider

Go on an evening nature center walk

Make an apple pie

Go to a fall festival or fair

Fill our cornucopia

Rake leaves and jump in them

Make a thankful tree

Go on a hay ride

Circle knit a pumpkin hat

Go trick or treating

Make squash bisque

Make pumpkin pie/cheesecake

Make pumpkin chocolate chip bread

Make homemade caramels


~And remember, just because I’ve moved it’s doesn’t mean Mum-my loves you any less.

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